Bigger Than Making It Big


So I have a blog. Furthermore, I have my own site. I’ve submitted my URL to just about every directory I could find. Now what? Apart from a few bots, I don’t seem to be attracting a great deal of attention so far!
I guess it’ll take time for things to start working as they should. I don’t want to bombard fellow Twitter users with links to my site; there’s plenty of that going on already, and it usually has me reaching out for the unfollow button!
I would imagine that I’m not the only one who starts off doing all the right things, but then comes up against a wall. Probably, a lot of people give up at this point, or at least begin to lose interest. Maybe that’s why a lot of people never really aspire to anything more than a mundane job and a few beers at the weekend.
I know from experience as a youthful musician (a couple of years ago now!) that we don’t always get the recognition we seek, or deserve. Though I never made the big time, it occurred to me about 2 years after my last gig, that I made an impact. People who’d seen me play knew me by name; awkwardly, I had no idea who they were. They asked me what I’d been up to: “Just working” I told them.
“Will you play around here again, or do we have to go to London?”
I want that feeling of elation again. To know that I’ve made a difference to someone’s life. That’s bigger than making it big!

Site Building On A Smartphone


Somebody was not amused at the amount of time Daddy spent fiddling with his phone! In the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room; wherever Daddy went, the phone did too.
Well, admittedly, it probably would have been quicker to use a laptop, but not so mobile. It was a personal challenge. One which I think I did quite well in.
Of course, I big thank you must go to Simple Different, particularly the app designer, and to IWantMyName for making it so easy to buy and add my own domain name to my newly built site.
Feel free to take a look, if you haven’t already been directed here from there, in which case, perhaps you’d like to comment and tell me what a load of crap it is. There’s bound to be a dude named Ben or something who could have knocked up something twice as good in half the time because he’s just so cool.
The address is

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Rely On Yourselves

Got a back yard? Use it! Growing your own vegetables is a really satisfying passtime, and you’ll save money on your weekly grocery shop too.
You may be surprised just how much you can grow on just a few square metres. Here’s 10 really easy things to grow
As someone once told me, “It ain’t rocket science, you stick it in the ground, water it, then pull it out again!”
If space is tight, then how about Vertical planting?
Something that’s always a great idea, get your neighbours involved. The more of you the better. If you all grow different vegetables, you can work together like a cooperative, sharing in each other’s work and harvest.
Crop rotation is important for the health of your soil and to keep pests and diseases to a minimum. If you and your neighbours are working together, you’ll all need to agree on who’s growing what from one year to the next.
Finally, find out about storing the harvest. After all, there’s no point in producing weeks of food, but leaving it to rot.

Something which I’m considering for the near future is Aquaponics.

Intelligent Childcare

My son’s four and a half years old. Since he was nine months old, I’ve paid for childcare so that my wife and I could continue working full time. This had always been the plan: neither of us make enough to support both of us.
We decided that we would like to help someone, who in turn would help us. Someone who could live with us and become a part of our family: an Au Pair. Furthermore, we decided that we were going to do this without the help of an agency, after all, why pay someone to do what you can do yourself?
At first, it was a struggle. So many people looking for work, so many, completely unsuitable. But within a couple of weeks, I found that I could trawl through the profiles of 900 potential Au Pairs in just a few hours. It wasn’t long before we had a shortlist of people to interview from several countries.
Before any of you start bleating about how awful it is to employ someone for considerably less than minimum wage, let me explain a few things:

1. Au Pairs often choose to come to England for the experience of being in England, or anywhere foreign, for the experience of it. Money’s a bonus.
2. I was paying £100 per week. Providing food and drink, a car for personal use, a large furnished room, internet, mobile phone, everything free. If I paid minimum wage and charged reasonable amounts for all the other benefits, the Au Pair would be left with about £5 per week. In other words, I was more than generous: in fact, the Au Pair’s disposable income was the same as mine!
3. Working as an Au Pair is not a career. It may be a stepping stone to a career, much the same as an internship. It may just be a more constructive way of spending a gap year than getting stoned in Goa.

From my point of view, employing Au Pairs was a fantastic experience. We still remain in contact with many of them; some even visit for a few days when they can: it’s always lovely to see them again. We are often referred to as their English Parents!
You’ll miss out on all this if you drop your child at a child minder’s house, or a day nursery. You’ll also find you spend a whole lot more. It may take a lot of self-belief to bring a stranger into your house to look after your child, but child minders and nursery assistants are strangers to start with too. In fact, you’ll never know a child minder or nursery assistant as well as an Au Pair.

Now that our son is at school all day, we don’t need to worry about childcare, except in August (long summer holiday). So I made a statutory request to work reduced hours. I now work 5.5 hours per day, allowing me to provide the childcare myself. Of course, this means I earn less, but it also means that I pay less in tax, don’t pay anyone £100 per week, and my car insurance and other household bills are all much reduced. All in all, I’m about £100 per month better off than last year.

Anarchy On The Air


Since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in radio. I was 12 years old when CB was finally legalised in the UK. Of course, in typical British style, the powers that be made the top half of 27MHz legal for use, transmitting in the FM mode. image

The rest of Europe was on the lower half of 27MHz; as for the US, they used the same frequencies as Europe, but in the AM mode. It was almost as though those in charge weren’t keen on us making contact outside our borders, like the so-called evil empires of the USSR and China!
Back then in the 80’s, there was no internet, just one phone company, and not even an analogue mobile phone signal. If you wanted to communicate with someone halfway around the world, you had limited options: write a letter; send a telegram; spend a fortune on the phone.image

There was another option. You’d need to spend a lot of time training, take a City And Guilds exam, and save up for some rather expensive equipment. You could become an amateur radio operatorimage

As a teenager, I had little money and even less time to spare.
Nowadays, we enjoy cross-border communication pretty much for free. Coincidentally, we also get to use, European and US CB radio frequencies on AM, FM and SSB: when the ionosphere allows, it’s not impossible to make contact with stations thousands of miles away. There’s something incredibly satisfying about sitting in your car in Asda’s carpark whilst chatting with someone sitting in his car in Walmart’s carpark!

Recently, it became easier to legally use the Amateur Radio bands. Training for the Foundation Licence (the lowest of three stages) takes about 8 hours including ongoing assessment, and then there’s a multiple choice exam, which only takes up an hour of your life. Needless to say, even more recently, I did the training, took the exam, and now have a lifelong M6 call sign.
Why would someone like me, anti-government, anti-licence be so bothered about operating legally on the ham bands? Because I don’t need the aggravation of government stealing my equipment; equipment that still works even when the phone lines are down, the mobile networks aren’t working, when there’s a power cut. Radios are an important tool in any survival kit. I recommend everyone becomes a ham radio operator!
Affordable radios at eBay
Radio Society of Great Britain band plan

Just A Quick Plug


I’m currently working on a short story which involves a middle aged working class man, a land owner, a dodgy NHS GP, a private hospital, and the masons.
I hope to publish a first draft on here in a few days time. Really, I wish I could afford to take tomorrow off work and just keep on typing all night and well into the morning, but I’m a responsible dad nowadays!

Is this a clue?


Not so long ago, your average box of Kellogg’s (whatever) would have the ingredients listed in so many European languages, they almost had to make the box bigger. It was quite an education, looking at all those different languages: some Latin based; some Germanic; some Norse; some Slavik.
It appears all that’s over. There’s just two languages now: English and Arabic. I wonder if it’s the same throughout Europe; ingredients printed in the domestic language (French in France, German in Germany etc) and Arabic.
Is Kellogg’s, the globalist, just messing with our heads, or are we being shown a glimpse of the future? A post-EU future, where ex-member states cling to whatever’s left of their traditional values, while appeasing the will of Saudi Arabia, the number one sponsor of ISIS and exporter of terrorism throughout the world.
To those at the top, our traditional values are a nothingness. We are perceived as worthless, replaceable, surplus. The whole point of the EU was to experiment on us all, to see what we would put up with, to see what they can get away with. They’ve bred subservience and dependence into so many of us.
The time has come that we have to stand up together. Ignore race, tolerate each other’s faith, accept sex and sexuality. It’s time to say NO to divide and rule.

The globalists are the real terrorists. Out of global terrorism will come global governance.

False Flagging


Living in the British Isles, with a pole outside my house,
I often fly the Union Flag, not the Jack, I’m not on a boat!
Sometimes for fun, a scull and crossbones dances in the breeze.
Sometimes reaction it provokes sends me laughing to my knees.
I also like the Gadsden flag; I fly it just to see,
Does anyone ‘round here know what it is, except for only me?
But the one that causes most concern in England’s pleasant ground,
Is the 5 by 3 foot red cross on the purest white background!

Did the skull and crossbones make me a pirate, or was that the rum this morning?
Christopher Gadsden import: impossible here to buy it.
Rattle snakes to England, Ben Franklin was retorting!
Well I guess he got his way, though I bet it was made in China!

Union flag, red white and blue. England, red on white.
Who dares me to hoist a flagging sheet that’s deathly black as night?
And if I did, who’d knock on my door to tell me that I’m racist?
Well, not the lefties that’s for sure, coz they’ve all got two faces!

Really, all I’m saying is, don’t take flags so seriously: there are far more important things in life, and my flags are all real!