Norman Lamb, Lib Dem leadership contender said ‘War on drugs a catastrophic failure, UK must legalize cannabis’
Perhaps we shouldn’t make criminals out of people for choosing to use one substance in favour of another. Has prohibition achieved anything, other than to push the drugs trade underground and inflate prices?

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Thousands (a conservative estimate in my view) have been killed in the war on drugs, and too many young people have been criminalized unnecessarily.
According to Transform, the UK organisation which campaigns for the legal regulation of drugs, the government spends as much as £4 Billion of tax payers money on the domestic war on drugs. The organisation also points to Mexico’s increasing violence as another example of how the war on drugs Is failing: since 2006, there have been more than 100 thousand drug related killings there. See, I told you that “thousands” was a conservative estimate!

The Ban On Legal Highs
But still, the government is unwavering in its stance, digging in further like the trench warfare of world war one. Not only upholding the existing laws, but adding a few paragraphs more to incorporate just about anything they choose to the prohibition list. Even the government’s own advisers opposed the move. Professor Nutt was sacked from his role as chief drug adviser in 2009, a day after he claimed ecstasy and LSD were less dangerous than alcohol. You can’t work in government and go around telling the truth!
The European Drug Agency has actually come out against the ban citing

Sales of legal highs will be pushed underground into the “deep web”

A fantastic piece of fear mongering if ever there was, and the thought of the deep web being actually deep under ground is just perfect (for a comedy sketch show)!
Paul Griffiths, the EU drug agency’s scientific director, told The Guardian that “cryptomarkets” or “deep web” marketplaces that can only be accessed via encryption software pose a major challenge to law enforcement. Hahaha, they couldn’t resist giving BitCoin users a sneaky kick in the shin could they! Good work Europe: oppose banning anything that might give someone a bit of a buzz, because there’s a big hole in the ground that people throw crypto-currency into, and in return they get stoned?

Psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms and LSD should be legally reclassified so researchers can investigate their potential medical uses, an academic specializing in drugs has said.
I was never an academic, but I used to, and still do say something similar! It’s been twenty years since I last took a trip, or any recreational drugs. The few years that I was a regular user of LSD, are the same few years that I never suffered from migraine. Now, instead of preventing migraine, I relieve the symptoms of it with Codeine and Paracetamol, and, when I think it might stay down, tea made from dill seeds seems to have a knockout effect (oops, ban dill seeds, people are getting stoned). Taking these drugs makes me very drowsy and unable to work around heavy machinery on health and safety grounds. In contrast, taking LSD in my leisure time never affected my ability to work, so yes, maybe more medical research is needed. Or maybe, just legalise everything and let people work it out for themselves.

Prohibition drives trade underground
It is fact that prohibition does little or nothing to stop any trade in any product. Drugs are banned, people still buy them: in my youth, I knew where to buy just about everything from cannabis to heroin. Guns are banned: I bet you I can get hold of one without too much trouble; certainly in my past, I knew who to speak to, not that I ever did. Prostitution is band: the town I grew up in had a red light district; police in the area have shut it down; that’s highly inaccurate, they merely dispersed it out into neighbouring towns.
The point is, the more you push anything underground, the more you lose control of it. Sooner or later, government, your haphazard out of control policies based on knee jerk reactions and symptom treating, will be your end.



Before I continue, I’d like to say that I was so saddened by the death of Lemmy of Motörhead today. On the other hand, I’m glad that he went quickly after being diagnosed with cancer just two days ago: never one for hanging about!
I met him once in London, maybe 20 years ago: completely down to Earth, straight talking bloke with a desert like dry sense of humour.
The sort of person who never recognises that he’s a true celebrity. A fantastic man. I’ll be having a few drinks tonight in celebration of his life. Thanks for the noise Lemmy!


I’m really not sure that I can go from the death of Lemmy to what I thought I was going to write about, without appearing to be a bit cold, detached from what I consider to be a sad loss for everyone. So I think tonight, I should play his music loud, then come back tomorrow afresh.

Terrorists? Fuck ’em!


Sewers, Aging Punks and Drugs

Massive ‘fatberg’ in London sewer could have caused flood
Just before Christmas, a large greasy ball of non-degradable products including condoms, sanitary towels, tampons, wet-wipes and nappies was found beneath Leather Lane in Clerkenwell.
The blockage, found on 19th December, was cut into smaller, safer pieces over the days running up to Christmas. Had it gone unchecked, there would have been a real danger of properties above ground being flooded with raw sewage.

Over the last five years, Thames Water say that they have dealt with similar problems about 200000 times. By my reckoning, that’s more than 100 incidents a day. Thames Water had no information on their site as to what the figures were more than five years ago, just the usual obvious stuff! I have a feeling that’s because they’ve been so successful in the campaign to get people to use less water (largely by charging rather more than before), that the amount of water in the sewer system has resulted in slower running sewage, allowing more of these huge blockages to form; something they’d prefer to keep quiet about.

…And That’s Not All That’s Down There
According to Russia Today, London has the highest concentration of cocaine in its sewage system, closely followed by Amsterdam, according to test results from 50 European cities. I’ve always thought of cocaine as the drug of choice of the affluent, so no great surprise that London was at the top! The amount of Ecstasy found would also suggest that it really is a harmless weekend social sewage.
Oslo in Norway and Dresden in Germany had the highest levels of methamphetamine in their sewage. Dresden, I kind of had a feeling, a stimulant of some description might be first choice. But Norway? Maybe they make it in Oslo and sell it to the Germans!
Anyway, the point is, yes, they do their best to influence what goes in your body, and then they actually check what’s coming out. Do you feel violated?
Tomorrow, I’ll continue this subject in its natural direction, and take a look at the war on drugs: and no, I don’t mean special forces in the Afghan poppy fields!

Earth, Air, Fire And Water

That’s Christmas done for this year, and New Year’s Eve on its way. I’m not going to take a look back over the year 2015 like some sort of mainstream can’t be bothered to do anything other than regurgitate more of what I already fed you. I think far too much has been going on over the last few days to ignore in favour of an annual summary. Furthermore, hope lives in the future, not the past.

More than 100 migrant workers combing soil discarded by jade mines are believed to have been killed by a landslide in north Myanmar.


This news is particularly bad, as last month the same thing happened, killing 120.
Of course, it’s a very dangerous job. The mine is largely mechanical, but in the process, a lot of small pieces of jade get left behind. Enter the people willing to risk their lives making a living sorting through the discarded dirt by hand. But yet again, they’re looking for more than jade…



and spot the migrant worker!

CCTV America


I guess they’re the ones without the health and safety issued hard hats, which wouldn’t have done them any good anyway!
My thoughts on health and safety will be revealed in a future post. For now, I’ll just say that it’s not there for your safety, and your health certainly isn’t a priority.

In the USA, tornadoes have been hitting the south and mid west. Tennessee, Indiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas have all suffered from dozens of twisters and heavy rain over Christmas.
So far, it’s thought that 22 people have been killed as a result of these meteorological events.




Shine In A Recession

Having lived in Britain all my life, I’ve never experienced a tornado. I remember a freak hurricane hitting the southeast back in 1987; apart from the odd mini-twister in late summer, just about strong enough to lift a few straw bales, a couple of metres above the ground, I can only read about and watch videos on the power of the tornado.

I found the usual, obvious advice from FEMA. But it’s more use than what the UK government has to say on the matter!
Moving west now…


City Of Ventura

Southern California’s on fire, and it’s not a complement! On Saturday, the area around Solimar Beach, Ventura, was very much ablaze. Resulting in the partial closing of the coastal 101 Freeway, which runs all the way to the Canadian border. As the flames spread, mandatory evacuation notices were issued to local residents.
600 firefighters, yesterday, were reported to have the fire 10% under control. High winds fanning the flames have been hampering efforts to further put out the flames



The north of England’s under water again.
I don’t come from the north, I’ve always lived in overcrowded Southeast England, on the wrong side of the Thames Barrier: yeah, if it looks like Westminster might flood, I know I don’t have long to put my furniture and other valuables upstairs, because we keep the MPs feet dry by going for a swim ourselves.
It’s close to home (in comparison to other world events going on thousands of miles away), so I won’t lie, it does bring more than a tear to my eye when I see the news footage. Moreover, in my youth, I often used to hitch hike to such exotic destinations as Tyne And Wear, Yorkshire, Lancashire: I just loved to travel, and where better to go than the North; I met some fantastic people up there, and held my own as a Southern Softy (quickly disproved of course)!

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Merry Christmas


Wherever you are, whatever you believe, whether you are religious or religiously atheist, today is Christmas Eve. It’s a time for family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers to share in the joy of life. So live freely, enjoy all that’s good about humanity. Relieve the pain of human suffering through acts of kindness and empathy. Finally, consider what a wonderful place the world would be if we continued this path throughout the year.
Merry Christmas. Peace be upon you.


Dead City

For the geographically challenged, who have no idea that there is (was) a place in Syria, called Jobar, Syria News have been kind enough to publish the above map. Recently, there have been some horrific things going on there. I think it’s time people all over the world stopped considering The Middle East as a place far far away where migrants who stretch your public resources come from, and start to realise one or two important points.
Yes, there are migrants from Syria entering Europe every day. There is a huge number who say that they are from Syria, when in fact, they are not.

Take a look at this report from back in September by India TV News, in which Kamal Saleh, a man with a Syrian passport in Belgrade, points out the glaringly obvious:

“Everyone says they are Syrian, even those who are obviously not” said Kamal Saleh, pointing toward a group of people camping in a Belgrade park.

These people aren’t fleeing war or persecution, they’re economic migrants with a huge sense of enlightenment at the very least, and an active hatred of The West at work.
To be honest, I think anyone from Jobar would leave with a sense that we should help them, or we should at least have done something to prevent the mess that they’ve left behind, as perhaps you’ll understand from this photo in The Daily Mail


And how many of you would be psychologically unbalanced by scenes such as this from Syrian Freepress? Could you do this to people? Is there not a better way, another way to sort out our differences?


When I was a boy, I remember my grandfather telling me that God created languages so that people from different countries, with opposing views couldn’t argue, because they wouldn’t understand each other. So peace would prevail. It seems to me, however, that peace prevails in Jobar for the wrong reason: there’s nobody there!
I finish today with a video, shot by a drone for Russia Today.
Click Here to see the video
Thanks for reading. Let’s stop this eternal war.

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Sunday Special

The truly haunting voice of Lhasa de Sela.

Lhasa de Sela (September 27, 1972 – January 1, 2010), also known by the mononym Lhasa, was an American-born singer-songwriter who was raised in Mexico and the United States, and divided her adult life between Canada and France. Her first album, La Llorona, went platinum in Canada and brought Lhasa a Félix Award and a Juno Award.
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Such a sad loss to the world, but at least her music lives on. Whether she sings in English, Spanish or French; whether I understand the lyrics or not, I find myself floating off to another place on her voice.
Click My Name to go to YouTube.
Find more from Lhasa de Sela at eBay


The Weekly Recap


This week, I looked at various subjects which I think are important.

On Monday, I suggested that the new European Border Force will be extended to become a European Police Force, patrolling not only or streets, but our minds.

On Tuesday, I drew parallels between my son and I, and reminisced about my younger years. Maybe not what you were expecting from a blog like mine, but I’m human.

On Wednesday, more the benefit of anyone living here in Britain, I pointed out that if you need medical assistance at night, and you’re pretty sure you’re not in a life threatening situation, don’t use Accident And Emergency. It’s far better to call 111. You’ll still have to wait, but you’ll wait in the comfort of your own home, and then go to hospital at an appointed time. And let’s not forget, the people who work these shifts are wonderful humanitarians.

On Thursday, WhatsApp was suspended for what turned out to be 12 hours in Brazil. I wondered why, and came up with a few possible answers. One of these possibilities may have been rather close to the truth judging by what happened to my site.

Finally, on Friday, with MPs voting that it’s fine to go fracking under national parks, as long as you don’t drill through the surface of the park: you start outside, and tunnel in so that nobody knows! The title said it all really: Frack Off!

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and thanks for reading!