Save money on expensive train fares, fly via Berlin! blogger, Jordan Cox said: “I always go the extra mile to save money, but last week I went the extra 1,017 miles and saved £7.72 by getting back to Essex from Sheffield via Berlin – I even had enough Euros spare for a currywurst sausage by the Brandenburg Gate… Wunderbar !”


The Voucher Vulture from Hutton, Essex went to new heights in order to save a few quid on traveling home from Sheffield!
Jordan hit the news back in May 2013 aged 16. I quote from The Daily Mail

Such is Jordon’s expertise that he has saved his mother Debbie hundreds on her food shopping – and insists on accompanying her on every supermarket trip to make sure she is getting the best deal.

His personal record is reducing a £105.88 bill, covering everything from big brand cereals to cheese, snacks and drinks, to just £1.62.

He has even managed to buy a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for only ten pence.

His latest exploit wasn’t such a grand saving, though it did highlight the shocking price of public transport in the UK. How can it possibly be cheaper to fly over a thousand miles than take a train journey of way below 200 miles? Here’s what he told The Telegraph

What he would have spent by going by rail

£47 for train from Sheffield to Shenfield
£2.99 for ham and cheddar toastie for lunch
£1.80 bus fare from Sheffield to Hutton
TOTAL – £51.79

What he actually spent

£4 train from Sheffield to Derby
£4.20 for bus from Derby to East Midlands Airport
£11.83 Ryanair flight to Berlin
£5 Berlin return train from airport to city centre
£1.50 Currywurst for lunch
£9.54 Ryanair flight to London Stansted
£8 bus home to Hutton from Stansted airport
TOTAL – £44.07

Something I don’t understand. He’s 18 years old now. He saves money at every opportunity. Why didn’t he drive? It would have only cost £25 in petrol, it would have only taken about three hours, so he could have had lunch at home, which already cost him practically nothing!

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