Hillsborough, The Poll Tax and The Media


First vilified, now finally, vindicated: How ‘cowardly’ police spent millions in taxpayers’ cash spinning lies for 27 years blaming the fans for the Hillsborough disaster Reads The Daily Mail Online.
I know that many of my readers are possibly unfamiliar with what the Hillsborough disaster was, so here’s an excerpt from the Wikipedia page:


Hillsborough disaster was a human crush that caused the deaths of 96 people and injured 766 others, at a football match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough StadiumSheffield, England, on 15 April 1989. The match was the1988–89 FA Cup semi-final, with Hillsborough, home ground of Sheffield Wednesday, selected as a neutral venue.
In English football, most stadiums had steel fencing between the spectators and the playing field in order to prevent friendly and hostile pitch invasions. The crush occurred in pens in the Leppings Lane stand, allocated to Liverpool fans.

I wasn’t there; to be honest, I’m really not that interested in football: I prefer rugby. But I never doubted what the survivors of the disaster said. The police were to blame, and did a very good job of covering up their inability to keep people safe.
I hope the way is well and truly paved to see some kind of justice served now, though I wouldn’t hold my breath whilst waiting: after 27 years, I’m sure that some of those responsible hold very senior position


A Year After Hillsborough, March 31, London.
I was in London on March 31 1990. Much younger back then, I really believed that if thousands of people got together to fight a common cause, in this case, the introduction of the Poll Tax, we could change the world for the better!
From where I was standing, on the edge of an extremely crowded Trafalgar Square, I saw nothing but good humoured protesters from all over the country, people from all walks of life, making a stand together. The first I knew there was trouble was when the police charged us on their horses. Then I realised that we were really in the shit because it was impossible to leave the area: we’d been “kettled“.
My friends and I managed to escape eventually, largely thanks to “rent a mob” arriving late and surprising the police from behind! Who hired them is anyone’s guess: it could have been Thatcher herself for all I know, to discredit the legitimate protesters. However, I will always maintain that the police hit first.

Media Portrayal
In both these incidents, we should not forget one more important common factor: mainstream media.
The way some of the mainstream newspapers covered the Hillsborough disaster was nothing short of sickening. It was as though the police had come up with a script. Not so unlikely, when it emerges that, according to The Mail Online

South Yorkshire Police today face questions over whether powerful ‘secret society’ the Freemasons held sway over the force at the time of Hillsborough

Don’t let anyone tell you that they do a lot of good work for charity: so does McDonald’s; but it doesn’t make their menu any healthier!
At the Poll Tax protest, I witnessed something which I was naive enough to believe only went on in films. When we reached the gates to Downing Street, a really sleazy photographer can’t up to me, and asked me if i I’d like to earn £20 for one minute’s work. He wanted me to climb the gate and look angry. I didn’t take him up on his offer. He was obviously expecting trouble, but hoping to have his photos before it started. Maybe the media hired rent a mob.
The media have their angle on a story before it happens. The script is written, the stage is set, and too few people question what’s reality…

Trees, Positivity and 30 Years On



A Greener Planet
Of course, some of us, apparently so mentally ill that we refuse to accept the ever changing religion of climate change, have been arguing this for years!

It is called Greening of the Earth and its Drivers, and it is based on data from the Modis and AVHRR instruments which have been carried on American satellites over the past 33 years.The sensors show significant greening of something between 25% and 50% of the Earth’s vegetated land, which in turn is slowing the pace of climate change as the plants are drawing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Read the rest of this slight admission that it’s all bullshit, even though the high priest experts still argue their case for world enslavement through environmental taxation.


A More Constructive Approach To News Required
The Guardian reports that the UN wants news reporting to become more constructive. Well, outside of mainstream news, it already is, and has been for years.

The United Nations is to call for the world’s media to take a more “constructive” and “solutions-focused” approach to news to combat “apathy and indifference”.

I’m sure you’ll agree, that my approach to the news is a long way off apathy and indifference, but that’s because I’m not mainstream!
I’m rather sceptical about the UN at the best of times, but when they start playing with ideas about how best to included and involve the world’s 7 billion human inhabitants, I do have to wonder what the real agenda is. Actually, I’m already quite sure it’s world domination.

Thirty Years On
Three decades after the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident, Russia Today takes a look back at the disaster.

Yet details from that night stand out. The plant’s deputy chief engineer, Anatoly Dyatlov, remained in the control room, refusing to believe the extent of the accident even when told by first-hand witnesses. As 50 tons of nuclear fuel fanned out from the destroyed rooftop, the soon-to-be-dead shift manager Aleksandr Akimov sent two men to manually lower the rods. They were killed by less than a minute of exposure that left them with a ‘nuclear tan’. No one left their workstations as colleagues searched for each other, already vomiting from radiation sickness. The other reactors continued to operate as if nothing had happened. And so it went.

Wolves walk in the 30 km (19 miles) exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in the abandoned village of Orevichi, Belarus. © Vasily Fedosenko / Reuters

There’s really nothing one can add to that to put a UN approved positive spin on it. Although, the return of wildlife to the area should offer hope to us all.

I’m back!


No, I wasn’t droned, just had a couple of communication issues!
I like to think of myself as being well prepared for any minor problem that I might come up against. If the power goes off, I have a generator; if the phone line goes down, I can use my mobile as a WiFi hotspot; there’s always enough food in the house to keep us sustained for a week or so, particularly in the summer, because I grow a lot in my back yard. I don’t bother prepping for Armageddon: as I always say, the only thing you need to prepare for the end of humanity is a coffin!


This week, I lost my home internet connection. Engineers thought that they had fixed the problem on Thursday, and for a couple of hours, I had a fully functioning landline. Then it disappeared again. It appears to be back again now, which is awkward, because an engineer’s coming tomorrow to fix it.
Normally, the landline being dead wouldn’t be a problem. I’d simply tether my tablet PC to my mobile phone for Internet access. No problem. What about if I break the charging port of my mobile phone on Sunday evening and have a dead battery by Monday evening? This wouldn’t normally be a problem on its own, just an inconvenience. I have a cheap pay as you go Nokia as an emergency backup. It’s good for calls and texts, but doesn’t have internet access. What do you expect for £8?
What are the chances of both the landline and mobile phone breaking at the same time? Very unlikely, unless you’ve been victim to an EMP attack, in which case, internet access would be just one of a list of things not working, and not a top priority.
I finally got around to fitting a new(ish) charging port last night. What a rock n roll lifestyle I lead nowadays! Magnifying glass in one hand, soldering iron in the other, I managed to remove the charging port from an old  phone, and put it in my slightly less old Moto.


It was a very delicate operation, but appears to have been a success. The hardest part was heating the phone to loosen the glue which holds it together so that I could open it up: why screws and a gasket are out of the question is beyond me. Perhaps the idea is, when it breaks, just after the warranty expires, you be a good slave and buy a new one! No, that’s not me. If it doesn’t work, try to fix it. If you break it whilst trying to fix it, you haven’t lost anything, because it wasn’t working anyway!
I’d like to finish this post with a weird guide to effective communication. It’s barely a minute long, so it won’t take up your time…

The Only Thing Getting Stronger Is Government


Thousands are expected to join a protest in London tomorrow demanding the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron. The demonstration has been organised by The People’s Assembly, a rather left leaning group whose policies, if ever put in to practice, would further accelerate the growth of government, and higher taxes for most working people to pay for it. Anyone else see the irony in that?

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Left Wing, Right Wing, Same Bird


The Right Wing
We all know what Cameron’s opinion of the EU is: he’s just done £9m of other people’s money on a pathetic little leaflet which had me laughing all the way to the recycling bin! I suppose he had to think of his own job security. Look at what happened to Thatcher 12 weeks after she realised that she’d made a major error of judgement on Europe, and how powerful the elite she’d always courted power with are. She was ousted from Downing Street by a bunch of Bilderbergers, who replaced her with someone somewhat more subservient, John Major. Take a look at this from  Wikispooks

Bilderberg specialist Jim Tucker attributes her downfall to a decision made at a meeting of the Bilderberg group, because she refused to allow British sovereignty to be dismantled. When Tucker asked her about it, he reports she whispered back that she considered it a “great tribute to be denounced by Bilderberg”

So Cameron holds the same ideas as Thatcher, before she was given the boot.

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A Break From The Norm


Just a quick post tonight because I really need to get some studying done while I’m still conscious. There’s really nothing major going on anyway. US authorities are arresting people for peacefully protesting, and simultaneously wondering why others turn to terrorism. I’m surprised the drones haven’t been sent in yet, armed with “North Korean” dirty bombs! The rest of the dodgy dealers in the British Houses Of Parliament are still hounding Cameron about his financial arrangements which don’t appear to include contributing to the British “purse”. We’re all in it together, though some are further in it than others, it would appear! The war on everything still rages on. Terrorism, drugs, those of a different opinion to the establishment, anyone who doesn’t need government: the list is as endless as the war! Oh yes, and they finally did it. They linked that pesky little Zika virus to GLOBAL WARMING!


So here goes. I bought one of those slave bands the other day. You know what I mean, a so called smart watch. Measures how many steps you take a day, calculates that into a total distance, estimates how many calories you’ve burnt etc, then sends the information off to God knows who, or for what reason along with all the personal information you foolishly filled in because the control app wouldn’t do anything until you did.
Bullshit in bullshit out! Simply create an e-mail address for nothing but the slave band. Use a pseudonym, and highly unlikely measurements. I’m going by the name Felicity Fuckface, I’m over 7 feet tall, have 48″ legs, and weigh in at a rather slender 6 stone! Today, I walked a total of 28.1 miles, mostly whilst driving a tractor!
You don’t have to give anyone your real name, you certainly don’t need to give anyone any other personal details. You can enjoy the technology without becoming a slave to it! If you want accurate data, then use a calculator and some basic maths, and upload the results to somewhere that you’re comfortable with, such as a piece of paper!
If you have any suggestions on other easy inexpensive ways to throw a proverbial spanner into the works of corporate market research, do share them the readers and me!

War On Everything


Drone Kill List
Parliament has been deceived by the Conservative government on the scope and details of Britain’s unauthorized drone assassination program, according to a new report by the human rights NGO Reprieve. According to a report on rt.com,

Published Sunday, the report makes a number of startling assertions. It claims the kill list – also known as the Joint Prioritized Effects List (JPEL) [click here for the Wiki explanation]– conflates drug enforcement and counterterrorism.
It also says UK police units have helped the US military find targets for assassination and that unrepresentative examples of die-hard extremists are being cited to mask the human impact of drone warfare.

So basically, what we’ve got is, an out of control government reigning death from the sky on anyone, anytime, anywhere. With the definition of terrorist being deliberately ambiguous, I find it no surprise that drug dealers are also being droned. Of course, the really dangerous drug dealers, big pharma, the acceptable face of addiction, get off Scott free. The way they move their money about, they don’t even pay for the drones either!

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Super Sunday and The Firebird


The Firebird
Music by Igor Stravinsky, animation by Vladimir Samsonov.
This is an old Russian story of Prince Ivan, who wears an invisibility cap and rides a grey wolf. Prince Ivan sets off to do battle with an invading dark presence, and to rescue Princess Vasilissa The Beautiful.

Enjoy your Sunday!

This Week


The Germans would very much prefer it if we don’t leave the EU, so would Comrade Obama. That should be reason enough to leave!

Click Here

The Panama papers reveal a load of nonsense that everyone knew was going on anyway. It’s no great surprise that the world’s elite have somewhat different tax arrangements to anyone living under law and order.
Cameron shows us yet again, that not only is he a bad leader, he’s a pathetic liar. If you voted for this poor little rich boy, I hope you’re very satisfied as you dip your wick in a dead pig.
Distance Learning Courses
A couple of teenage girls got banged up for at least 15 years for beating the living shit out of an extremely vulnerable woman. I’m sure the European Court for Human Rights will have the sentences cut to about 15 days by this time next year.

The government funds the treacherous Remain campaign to the tune of £9m, but doesn’t offer a penny to the Leave campaign. It you still think you live in a democracy, you really ought to seek psychological help!

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