The Week My Cap Got Blown Off

Anastrozole. I’m sick of people trying to advertise it on my blog. Go away and read about the side effects. Unless you have breast cancer, you really have no reason to be taking this drug for its steroidal properties. If you want to build great muscles, make your muscles work: get a job on a farm. If you still feel you need a little support to get that perfect body, take a whey protein mix such as

That may be a terrible example of native advertising, but seriously, steroids can mess you up just as much as heroin, so don’t start taking them unless it’s for a medical condition.

Yesterday, I discovered that the charger for my tablet was broken, and had to research and type my post from my mobile, just how I use to 3 months ago when I started this blog!
On Thursday, I just happened to mention how shipping radioactive isotopes across the Atlantic may be the prelude to a nuclear terrorist attack, and the next thing you know, Obama’s warning the world about the possibility of nuclear terrorists.

On Wednesday, I thought about the truck drivers, and anyone else who regularly uses the Port of Calais. It’s not the most relaxing experience in the world!
On Tuesday, I expected the social justice warriors to get all over excited by my conclusion that kids carry guns for gang masters because their parents are crap. By the way, I am a parent.
We started the week of taking a bit of a battering from Storm Katie. I lost a few roof tiles, some people weren’t so lucky. I explained some basic things to help you prepare for similar events in the future.

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