Husband charged after beating would-be rapist to death

Story by Harry Readhead for Metro

A husband who beat to death a man trying to rape his wife inside their home in New York has been arrested and charged with manslaughter, police have said.
Mamadou Diallo, 61, broke into his and his wife’s apartment in Claremont Village in the Bronx shortly after 9.30pm on Monday after she called him to say she had broken free from a man who attacked her.
The attacker, identified as 43-year-old Earl Nash, had broken into the home and hit the woman in face before ripping off her clothes.
Once inside the building, Diallo ran into Nash in a hallway and beat him unconscious.
Paramedics later rushed Nash to hospital, where he died of his injuries.

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The Invasion Of Globalism


Revealed: 9% rise in London properties owned by offshore firms
A story at The Guardian caught my eye in a very disturbing way this morning. While the article concentrated on London, it’s clear that the invasion of the whole country, by corrupt globalists who hide behind secretive offshore companies, is, and has been for some time, well underway.
This is not capitalism. This is not free market. This is how the lowest scumbag criminals on the planet plan to take everything we have, and own us. I’m all for kicking the EU out, but that’s just the beginning: if we don’t start standing up to the elite, we may as well surrender to a life of servitude now.
This is something that affects us all, regardless of political persuasion, sexuality, gender, race, religion. There is a better way, there is another way. Issues which affect everyone should unite everyone: wake up your communities; it’s time to join the fight for freedom.

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