Happy Independence Day Britain!
After years of ever increasing tyranny from the European Union of Socialist Soviet Republics, headed by the German political classes (who do not represent the people of Germany), Britain is once again an independent nation. Today, we should celebrate our freedom. Tomorrow, we should continue
the march to freedom: the political landscape has changed overnight, and it is time that parliament changes with that landscape.
With voter turnout up almost 6% on last year’s general election, it’s clear to see that the EU was a greater concern than who our own top puppet rulers are. Cameron, it is time for you and your cronies to step down. As for the Labour Party, with its hypocritical leadership, the true face of champagne socialism: just walk away; you’ll never be taken seriously again.
I hope to see The Netherlands follow in our victory. In fact, wouldn’t it be ironic, if a decade from now, Britain had 27 individual free trade agreements with the former states of the European Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. In all cases, the agreement could be as simple as “We voluntarily agree to trade freely and openly with each other”.

This is not the end of a chapter, it is the first page of an unread book.
Happy Independence Day!


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