The Serenade Is Dead

I think the time is fast approaching that we wake up, look the elite in the eyes, and say “No, you don’t own me, I don’t work to make you richer. I am in charge of myself, my destiny is mine. I work for my benefit, and that of my family, friends, and neighbours. I don’t need you, we don’t need you!”

I truly hope that we, the people of this tiny island, robbed of its ship building and fishing industries, and thwarted at every step by regulation and indoctrination, are given the chance of freedom. That chance starts with our cessation from the dictatorial totalitarian socialist empire of the European Union.
I don’t say this just because I was part of the majority of voters, who expressed a wish to leave the EU. I say it because I believe that everyone will benefit in the long term, and if other countries also leave, their populations would also benefit.
As Ron Paul recently said

“You don’t need a thousand page document to have free trade: that’s managed trade.”

In the meantime, we must keep in control of ourselves. It’s tough when so many people either don’t understand our are completely apathetic, I know. But it’ll be even tougher if we remain under the jackboot of the EUSSR.

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