There’s increasingly more talk about the onset of world war as the elite push for the final solution in population control, and world government rising from the chaos that would ensue. The British government has just voted to update Trident, still insisting that it’s a deterrent, when quite obviously, it’s an assault weapon of the highest order. World War Three is upon us: Dodgy Dave Cameron even hinted that it could be a result of Britain having the audacity to vote to leave the EUSSR.
You can talk about prepping as much as you like; on this tiny island that is Britain, the only prepping you need to do is learn how to steal a boat, and (assuming the navy don’t sink you on the way) become a refugee.
Surviving a nuclear attack is one thing, and if you are lucky enough to stay upwind of the fallout, maybe you’ll have some kind of a life. That’s unlikely in itself: the wind doesn’t always blow from the same direction; you’ll need to grow your own food; it will be contaminated.
The bigger problem is, nuclear power stations. According to Wikipedia, scattered around the British coastline, are 8 nuclear power stations. 8 Chernobyls, 8 Fukushimas. There’s no nice way to put this, we’re fucked!
In case 8 isn’t enough to concern you, take a look at this article published in The Telegraph in April 2016

Mini nuclear power stations in towns around the UK have moved a step closer after it emerged the Government is assessing suitable sites to push ahead with a build.


Now do you see what I’m getting at? I bet they’ll all be hooked up to the internet and ready to be hacked or subjected to some unforeseen glitch: the “enemy” doesn’t even need a bomb, just a computer!

Whether the war starts accidentally between USA (NATO), China and Russia, some time in the not too distant future, or sooner if Obama really is as evil as he appears, and allows a nuclear terrorist attack on the US, resulting in attacks on the so called culprits is yet to be seen.

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