Parliament In Disarray As May Takes The Helm

I was never a fan of Margaret Thatcher, but toward the end of her reign, when she fell out with The Bilderberg Group, for refusing to give up British sovereignty, 

she started to make some kind of sense. This, inevitably lead to her demise, and she was replaced with the subservient Bilderberger, John Major, within weeks.
Presently, we see the only real contender for Conservative Party leader, Andrea Leadsom, retiring from the race, and Theresa May, a supporter of David Cameron’s Remain campaign, being handed the job. 

Although Cameron somewhat honourably resigned as Prime Minister after losing the referendum, because he couldn’t negotiate a good deal for a Britain which voted against him, May, who voted with him, jumped at the chance of a career opportunity, regardless of how hypocritical a move it “May” be!
On news that May is the new PM, thousands have just joined UKIP. Many of them defecting from the Conservative Party. 

The Labour Party have lost all sense of direction, and can’t even decide who’s in charge. 

But at least the work of fiction that was the petition for a second referendum was seen for what it was.
Perhaps May will surprise us all, invoking article 50 immediately. Perhaps she was only looking after her own career interests in the Remain campaign; after all, if Remain had won the referendum, she might have found herself out of the job at the next cabinet reshuffle if she’d been on “the other side”. Who knows what deceit goes on at the feeding trough that is politics. It’s not impossible that Cameron and Osborne (both Bilderbergers) are steering May like a remote controlled drone, and the resignation wasn’t the first and last honourable action taken by Dodgy Dave after all.

One thing’s for sure. We are at the end of an era. That’s not to say it’s the end of the line, or the edge of a cliff, and there’s nothing but our demise ahead of us. We are witnessing, and part of, a big change: a new era. Another Way!

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