Ban The Assault Water Pistol

According to The Wandsworth Guardian

Three people, including a police officer, were stabbed when a water fight at Hyde Park turned nasty on Tuesday

When will these animals learn that acting like they need the state to nanny them will ultimately lead to nothing but total oppression? How out of hand does a water fight have to get to stab someone?

Is that a piss-tol in his pants?

As for the legality of an unlicensed music event in a PUBLIC park, I know from experience, as I put on such an event in the past, and checked with the police before the event to see what their reaction would be. True to their word, they kept a low profile. They would not directly intervene unless there were significant legitimate complaints. Their primary concern was anything going on there, not in my control: drugs, unlicensed alcohol sales etc. Basically, they were looking for tax dodgers!
So how do you go from water pistols to this…

There is only one answer, and that is a small, but highly significant number of people there were, and most certainly still are, less than animals. Out of the 4000 there, 100 are barely more than mobile vegetables. I bet they even consider themselves to be anarchists. They do not represent anarchists. Anarchists are intelligent people who aspire to self-rule: when you are intelligent enough to take charge of your own life, you have no need of government.

Get this book, plus three bonus books

I guess someone somewhere would suggest that the answer to people acting like animals is to ban them from carrying water pistols and introduce more laws. My answer is to allow concealed carry: very little violence goes on where people may or may not be carrying weapons; after all, when did you last hear of violence at a gun fare?

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